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Muestra de José Gurvich en la Embajada

Speech of the Ambassador Gianelli in the opening of the exhibition:

Thank you so much for the presence of you all.

Jose Gurvich, one of the best well known of Uruguayan artists, was born in a small village in Lithuania in 1927. In 1931 his father decided to move to South America and a year later his wife and two children Myriam and Jose settled in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Gurvich grew up in a very open and progressive society as it was Montevideo In that time, and had the opportunity to study under Joaquin Torres Garcia and be part of the well known School of the South or El Taller Torres Garcia. From 1944 till the death of Master Torres Garcia in 1949, he studied art under the supervision of his teacher and then continued being a very active member of the School and a teacher as well.
During the early formative years he painted hundreds of still lives, portraits, landscapes as well as constructive art works. Even though he used the artistic language of his master called Constructive Universalism, he incorporated in that style many unique and personal elements. From 1964 onwards until his death in New York city in 1974, he developed his own artistic language which distanced him from his Master’s style and helped him achieve his artistic maturity.
I think this exhibit shows us this beautiful combination of constructive universalism with the unique abstract and fantastic ideas of Gurvich. As you will see, his work illustrates many facets of his life experiences: Cityscapes of Montevideo and New York, landscapes of Israel and Europe, the port of Montevideo, and many other sites. I am sure that all these works will make the people present in this exhibition to travel to the time and space where Gurvich stood. When an artist manages to transport you to another dimension, and is able to transmit emotions and joy, it is when we realize that we are before a unique and special creator spirit.

Finally, I want to especially thank the supportive work of many people that made possible the organization of this exhibit: the owner of Gallery Al Sur and curator of this exhibition, Hector Perez, and Maria Ines Strasser and Soledad Hernandez in its assembly. And also the team of the Uruguay Cultural Foundation for the Arts, led by our Cultural Attaché, Susan Ostria, fundamental in organizing this event. So, we thank a lot to Patricia Bowley, Gimena Blumberg, Carolina Chelle, Alexandra Hambrook, Soledad MacKinnon and Ana Nuchowich, fot the cooperation in this endevour.

Whishing you all the most pleasant travel to the fantastic world of Jose Gurvich, I give the floor now to his son, Martin Gurvich.

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