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Establishment of diplomatic relations between Uruguay and the Commonwealth of Dominica

The governments of Uruguay and Dominica established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level, according to the 1961 Vienna Convention.

The Joint Communiqué was signed by the Permanent Representative of Uruguay to the United Nations, Ambassador José Luis Cancela and his pair of Dominica, Mr. Vince Henderson.

Thus, Uruguay proceeded to establish diplomatic relations with the last country in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, which had not yet been formalized.

At the signing ceremony, the Permanent Representative of Dominica particularly thanked the Uruguayan government's initiative and expresses his assurances that this is just the first step in the beginning of a more fluid and sustained relationship.  

Ambassador Henderson was very interested in the experience of “Plan Ceibal” and the possibility of being implemented in his country. At the same time, he considered very appropriate that in the frame of the South - South cooperation; Uruguay can bring cooperation and technical advice on agriculture and fishing issues.

The Representative of Uruguay to the United Nations, Ambassador José Luis Cancela expressed that the establishment of diplomatic relations with Dominica represented a new step in implementing Uruguay’s universal policy that seeks to establish relationships with all the countries in the international community.

Ambassador Cancels coincided with his pair of Dominica in committing to materialize bilateral cooperation opportunities. The Head of Mission to the United Nations indicated that in the past four years the Uruguayan government had established diplomatic relations with over 20 new Member States of the organization and will continue to expand in the near future its relationship with those countries with which there has not been yet a diplomatic approach.

Montevideo, March 1st 2011

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