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Uruguay Established Diplomatic Relations with the State of Palestine

"We just closed a cycle that began in 1947," said Foreign Minister Luis Almagro, adding that the next step will be to appoint ambassadors in both sides.
In a brief ceremony held last night at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Almagro said that soon will be a similar ceremony in the Palestinian city of Ramallah.
Once the same, both countries recognize Ambassadors and will be entitled to install their respective diplomatic offices.
The establishment of "strengthening the sense that we have you and us" and contribute to "fully equitable future negotiations between the two countries," said Foreign Minister Luis Almagro to Arab interlocutor.
For the Uruguayan Foreign Minister, Palestine meets all conditions for a state (permanent population, territory, governance and capacity to enter into relations with other states), an aspect that is emphasized in a letter sent by President José Mujica to par Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
"Today we have just closed a cycle. It's been too long the power to realize this step ", but finally has concluded Dr. Almagro.
Montevideo, March 30, 2011.


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